VestaCP and Centos Web Panel (CWP) are the control panels and both are good in different-different manner. In general it can be said that VestaCP is better than CWP (Centos Web Panel) because it is the easier one to use but CWP has more options than VestaCP. Both these offer DNS, Firewall, FTP, Mail, SSL, Web Page Management and various more things. The text below will tell you all about the differences between VestaCP and CWP (Centos Web Panel).

VestaCP :

It allows the user to generate backup of the user "admin" along with the backup of any user which means you can easily create backup, take it to any other server and restore it easily. It offers an exact clone of the user account with all information such as Databases, Emails, Files, Passwords etc.

CWP (Centos Web Panel) :

CWP has Default File Manager along with various more interesting features. CWP's backup system doesn't make a complete backup of information. It generates backup of Web-pages with rsync while the backup of the databases of the server are saved in plan: mysqldump -A> file. It also generates its own database's backup. It not generates backup of emails and email accounts thus these can't be restored easily (you can add databases, domains, email accounts to restore them manually).

In the end both these control panels work similarly and offer Web Hosting Services for your website, the only difference is the Visuals, Features and the Back & Restore Process so you should wisely choose any of these two options as well as you can also choose any other available Control Panel as per your choice and needs.
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