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The Best Compatible Operating System of Cage FS and PHP Selector

The main advantage of Cloud Linux stands at the user level. Each user can have own light weight environment. This feature is made by the installation of Cage FS in Cloud Linux server. Cage FS is a virtualized file system which makes user to have own cage. Cloud Linux offers the comfort level at extreme level to user.

Advantages of Cage FS:

There are several advantages in Cage FS and they are,
  • User cannot see the files of other users and cannot find the presence of other users and user names.
  • It is only chance for users to safe binaries.
  • Users cannot find the server configuration files.
  • Users will have restricted view of system and cannot see the processes of other users.
  • Cloud Linux prevents from symlink attacks.
Cage FS will cage any script execution done via Apache, Lite Speed, Cronjobs, SSH and etc. Based on the set-up processes and number of users, one requires,
  • Up to 8 MB per customer in /var directory to store custom /etc directory.
  • 5GB to 20 GB in /usr/share directory to store the file system.
Cage FS Installation:

Installation requires few simple. It can be done only in few steps.

# yum install cagefs
Create skeleton directory of about 7 GB in size.

Follow the below steps,
  • Log into WHM
  • Move to Server Configuration.
  • Click on Basic WHM set up.

  • In home directories, under the basic config section, change the value to blank.

PHP Selector:

They are desired for websites. This is accomplished by enabling PHP selector module in Cloud Linux Server. Cage FS should be installed for PHP selector.

Updation steps for Cage FS are as follows,

# yum update cagefs lvemanager
The configuration file path for PHP will be /opt/alt/php53/etc and this will be the default location for alt-php, if the “Select PHP Version” is enabled.

About PHP Selector:

Using digital PHP selector, customers are given full freedom for choosing version of PHP. The new level of control presents the most flexible environment to customers.

How to Enable the PHP Modules?

The steps are explained below,
  • Choose preferred version.
  • Set as current.
  • Configure modules.
  • Click the save.
Steps Behind the Performance of PHP Selector:
  • Log into cPanel account.
  • Click on "Software" and Select PHP version.

  • Select the default PHP version.

  • If you use an alternate version of PHP, try to customize PHP variables from the PHP selector. After the selection of alternate version of PHP, move to the Switch to PHP settings.

  • Choose the item you want to adjust and add the value.
In CloudLinux, user can feel the advantage of choosing the PHP version. As PHP is the most fundamental thing for websites, one can choose PHP version. This feature is made by making the PHP Selector module in Cloud Linux server. Cage FS should be installed as to make the PHP Selector to work in Cloud Linux Server. PHP Selector is compatible with suPHP, mod-fcgid, CGI and Lite Speed. Cloud Linux installation will go incomplete without the installation of Cage FS and PHP Selector. Set the Cage FS in enabled mode. If the installation is done, one can enable Cage FS for users.
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