Quick short about NodeJs:

There was a need to build a few applications and instruments based on assortment. At that time, NodeJS was created with functionalities such as JavaScript cross-stage and free to use. Some used to say NodeJS wasn’t a part of JavaScript but have a belief! Few compositions were taken from the JavaScript at the earliest. Most probably, for blogging part alone NodeJS was very famous in the compilation.

How NodeJS used in cPanel?

You can see cPanel NodeJS in version part of 80. Before days, we used to get NodeJS separately by installing it in the server at the cost of dollar 10 from Cloud Linux. Of course! CentOS is built over fully for security purposes. You need a certain set of the package while using NodeJS in cPanel. Nothing is possible without an effort, isn’t it? The packages are listed below:
  1. Accessibility is the first task
  2. Go with EasyApache 4 for interface
  3. Cloud Linux OS with 6 or 7.
Here, we use two solutions to make it easy for you.

Solution 1:

Step 1: Do WHM Login and then choose the tab Software. From the software tab, select the option EasyApache 4.

Step 2: Once if you are done with EasyApache 4 then tap on the Customize menu. This is because you have to install right!

Step 3: On the left side, search where the additional package option and click on it.

Step 4: There, you can see two choices such as one in your choice, and others will be on nodejs10. Toggle it and then click on the Next button.

Step 5: Finally, the package view can be seen there. Give a tap on the provision button and immediately start the installation.

Solution 2:

Step 1: Use SSH to log in to the server. Start running the code given below:

yum install ea-ruby24-mod_passenger ea-apache24-mod_env
yum install ea-nodejs10
Step 2: Once if it got executed, the package will be automatically installed. The installation will be stored in the server directory.

Hope, these two solutions will give you more benefit. Applications are easy to use friends! In your appearance, it may be vague but believe us it is awesome to use.
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