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Steps to setup Google Analytics in your wordpress

Google analytics plays main role to analyse user actions and reactions. Using GA, you can analyse your entire website where are you losing and where you are gaining. It helps you to promote your website throughout world. You can configure user sessions, bounce rate etc to bring your website on top of the google page. In one word, we can say it as interactions of users with you and with your website. Analysing the traffic status will modularize your website. So, in this article we are going to discuss about how WordPress users install google analytics to maintain their website actions.

Now, you would be knowing why Google analytics is so important. There are so many methods to install WordPress in your website. Before that, let us teach you how to sign up in Google analytics.

Google analytics Viewpoint from Bloggers side:

Bloggers belief GA helps to grow the website status manually. GA helps to get user geographical location, user’s stay ability in your website, how long they spend the time in reading your contents or viewing your website custom design. This analyzation helps you to get more page views and less bounce rate. You can even decide the time to post the content by scheduling the content publishing time. Analyse when the user is active in your website and schedule to post the content accordingly.

Method 1: In the method 1, let us learn how to sign up in Google analytics. Google Analytics is free for all users and the sign-up process makes you simpler and easier to access.

Step 1: If you have Gmail account already then use the email address to sign up in GA. Or else, you can create new account in Gmail.

Step 2: Once if you sign up, you will be redirected to setting page where you have to choose mobile app or website. Don’t forget to choose website.

In that website section, enter the details such as website name, URL, time zone and country. Once if you enter all the details click on the Tracking ID button. Also, click on I agree button. It automatically redirects to one coding section. Just copy the code and add it in your website pages.

This code helps you to get all information regarding session, bounce rate, traffic etc.

Let us come to main section: How to install GA in WordPress?

This is possible with two options such as using MonsterInsights and inserting footer and header plugin.
  • MonsterInsights:
This is very famous plugin for GA installation. This workout for all expert and beginners with free version and paid version. If you choose paid version then it is easy to get Author tracking, Ad tracking and E-commerce tracking.

Step 1: Download and install monsterinsights. Once if you installed, the insight button will be added in your WordPress main page. Select the website category such as online store, blog, website etc. Choose accordingly and click on save and continue button.

Step 2: You will get another screen by highlighting one button “connect monsterInsights”. And then, you will be directed to Gmail account sign in.

Step 3:MonsterInsight will ask you permission to access your GA account. Click on the allow button. Finally, choose the tracking type from the choice given and click on the “complete authentication

Step 4: By now, your GA will be installed in WordPress. Further carry out with normal settings like analysing affiliate links by adding the path.

Step 5: Click on save and continue button. Now, you will be listed with paid ads just track the information. In this step, WPForms plugin will ask you to download. Just skip this step.

Finally, you have installed GA in WordPress click on finish setup &exit wizard button.
  • Insert footer and header plugins:
Download and install insert header and footer plugin. Now, you will get code and copy & paste into header and footer of your website. Click on the save button.

That’s all your GA will be installed in your WordPress.
  • WordPress theme to install GA:
This is some more tricky when you update the theme or switch off the code will be erased. So, you have to do it from first.

Header.php code:

Edit the header.php code and paste the code after <body>. Save all your work and update the file in server.

Function file:

Just add the below code in function file and save the changes.

add_action('wp_head', 'wpb_add_googleanalytics');
functionwpb_add_googleanalytics() { ?>
// Paste your Google Analytics code from Step 4 here
<?php } ?>
That’s it! You have installed GA in WordPress.
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