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Steps to fix error 404 not found in wordpress

Steps to fix error 404 not found in wordpress

404 error meaning:

Your visitor views the website. It’s a usual thing happens casually but deep inside how the visitor can view the website. There might be little procedure isn’t it? Yes, your browser takes the first responsibility to send web server a request. Now, the web server sends you some inputs such as your website or the 404 error.

404 errors are also known as HTTP status code. In technical terms, it means the visitor cannot see the exact point what he wants to view. No access for actual resource is the exact answer.

For example: open any website such as Of course! Website opens and type any landing page such as Hold here, if doesn’t have any resource means it gives HTTP status code such as 404 errors.

Variations of 404 errors:

Here, you don’t have exact statement for 404 errors. It may vary depends upon the user or web server.

The requested URL was not found on the server

  • Page looking for not found
  • Page cannot be found
  • Page not found
  • Not found
  • HTTP error 404
  • 404 Not found
  • Error 404
  • 404 error HTTP
404 errors fix:

Before going for the solution, try to change the URL name or else delete the old post and add the post newly.

Solution 1: Rename or moved content 301 redirects will be useful

Redirection helps you to view the URL for which 404 exists. By using the redirection plugin, one cannot view the 404 errors instead only redirect page will be visible.

Step 1: In WordPress dashboard go for plugin and download “free redirection plugin”. Install and start activating the plugin.

Step 2: In Tools section, search for redirection and so, you can see source URL box where you to enter the 404 errors page. In new location, type the URL for which you want to redirect.

Solution 2: Website permalink update:

This process tends you to update the website permalink.

Step 1: In WordPress dashboard, search for settings and then tap on permalinks.

Step 2: Click on the button “save changes”.

Over! Only two steps to update the website permalink.

Few users used to create 404 errors to get traffic. Yes, it would bring performance level up to the mark. They have few ethics to monitor 404 errors such as Google search console, audit third party tool, plug-in and Goggle analytics.
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