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Steps to Enable Wordpress Manager in WHM

Steps to Enable Wordpress Manager in WHM

WordPress explanation:

While in internet, it is more common to promote the website in terms of content. So, there is a need for content management system isn't it? Yes, one of the most familiar system to monitor and feature the content using WordPress. It is defined as one open source and free systematized WordPress manager in which you can use old or new cPanel account.

What gives you more benefit while using WordPress Manager?
  • The interface used in WordPress manager helps to view the information related WordPress account details such as username and database.
  • In addition, you are no intended to see the updates regularly. You can configure it by getting updates automatically.
  • Change your password for WordPress and get basic configuration setting view.
  • Its easy for you to place an free-ad in WordPress manager cPanel.
How to enable WordPress manager?

Step 1: With the password and username please login to WHM
Step 2: In left side, you can see the list of options where the cPanel located in one of them.
Step 3: Tap on the cPanel and so, see the list such as change log, install cPAddons site software, manage cPAddons software, manage plugins, modify cPanel & WHM News, reset a malman password and upgrade to latest version.
Step 4: Now, select the option install cPAddons site software and then, you can view the interface. Check the interface to ensure latest version is updated or not.
Step 5: Finally, click on update cPAddon config. It will start updating the changes one by one.
WordPress Manager enable feature have completed now. It only takes five minutes to get install and enable. Hope, this article would sort out your problem. We have discussed few benefits about WordPress Manager also. Keep in mind and start growing your business.
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