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Steps to enable/disable let’s encrypt certificate renewal

Steps to enable/disable let’s encrypt certificate renewal

Domains, must have a SSL certificate isn’t it? Do you have any idea who takes the responsibility to issue SSL certificate? Yes! The one and only let’s encrypt takes the responsibility to issue SSL certificate.

What is Let’s encrypt for plesk?

One of the best known certificate authority called let’s encrypt using this; it is easy to create SSL certificate freely. Here, we are talking about plesk isn’t it? In two clicks, a plesk user can get SSL certificate from Let’s encrypt. To get certificate, no need to use command line or script. It’s easy too get certificate for webmail, alias domain, sub domains and domains. With this, renewal part will be automatically done and plesk panel will be safe to use.

Why let’s encrypt used?

By now, you would know what is let’s encrypt but why it is essential for all? Take a case of small term personal websites. Do they take effort to spend money for commercial usage and certificated paid? No, they won’t. Again, its not possible for them to issue free certificate. Instead, go for the free certificate issuing authority let’s encrypt.

How let’s encrypt move on with plesk?

In plesk, they have two types of source usage.
  • Plugin integration starts with CLI client let’s encrypt. Moreover, for the certificate installation and validation the plugin called Plesk XML API is used.
  • Automatic renewal and user interface will be provided.
Coming to the main topic: In this article, we are going to learn how to disable the auto renewal for let’s encrypt certificate.

Look into below steps how to disable the auto renewal let’s encrypt certificate:

It doesn’t take much time only three steps are there to proceed.

Step 1: Use your credentials to login into plesk.

Step 2: After login, search where the tool & setting option and then tap on it. From there choose scheduled task as second step.

Step 3: Finally, again give a search to extension let's encrypt. Select it and click on remove button.

That’s it! No more difficulties and now, you have disabled the auto renewal for let’s encrypt certificate.

Note: You cannot give disable for one particular domain. Have this in mind before starting up the disable process. You can do for all domains and no choice for you to disable one particular domain.
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