Steps to Disable Default cPanel Login Details For FTP Access

Disable Default cPanel Login Details For FTP Access.

  1. Bhawani Singh
    We all know about FTP(file transfer protocol), as name refers it is used to transfer files between computer and network. Most of the user use FTP account to uploading files in web hosting account. With the default FTP account sometimes the account get hacked or misused. The hackers smartly use the default FTP account and easily hack the account. That is the main reason you have to disable default FTP account.

    After disable this you cannot access your FTP account by your username or domain name. Let’s see how we can disable default cpanel details for FTP account.
    • To disable if first of all you have to open the file and make some edition :
    root@server [] vi /usr/local/cpanel/bin/ftpupdate
    • In this file you can see the following content in the above file. For that you have to move to the line number 189 or 211 and comment those lines in file.
    # print FTPASS join( ‘:’, $system_user, $entry->[1], $entry->[2], $entry->[3], $entry->[6], $entry->[7], $entry->[8] ) . “\n”;
    $vhosts->{$system_user} = join( ‘:’, $system_user, $entry->[1], $entry->[2], $entry->[3], $entry->[6], $entry->[7], $entry->[8] ) . “\n”;
    • After making all the changes you have to run following command:
    root@server [] /usr/local/cpanel/bin/ftpupdate
    • From the above necessary steps you will be safe from hacking process. Now it’s not easy to hack your FTP account but one more thing you always have to use strong password with numbers, symbols and alphabets.