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Steps to allow IP's using host access control in WHM

Steps to allow IP's using host access control in WHM

What is Host access control?

This is one feature which deny's or gives permission to access server in WHM. It has some standards for allowing or denying the server assessment. This would be more suitable for allowing the server point instead to denying. It has proper configurations through command line or through file text.

There is a separate process for securing SSH alone in all categories. For transactions in SSH, you need a VPN connection for all the network. If you are not well-known to secure SSH then go deep into this article.

Step 1: Open WHM and login with username & password.

Step 2: Search for the option Security Center and then click on Host Access Control.

Step 3: Its time here to write the rules.
  • Set the service as per your choice.
  • Set the rule for the IP address [all except, all, IP address has wildcards]
  • Grant the permission for the field action [allow, deny]

Note 1: It would be very safe to add allow first and then deny next. Kind of all safeguard.

Note 2: While setting rules for IP address and so, if you need to give acceptance for one IP address then write as well as below:



If you set deny and then while saving the changes you will get the error as

“Server unexpectedly closed network connection”.

Step 4: Overall done! Now save all the process by clicking the save host access list.

Rules ethics:

The hosts.allow file has the set of rules which is located in the folder called etc. Firstly, open the SSH and then go for etc folder. Right away, the editing file will be opened in front of you.

Below the bottom, you can view the set of rules which is marked out by “:”.

Eg: sshd : ALL EXCEPT : deny

Moreover, GUI and this process gives you same feature. Host access control will be the best way to ensure SSH connections. Locking up SSH will give more benefits rather than you expect.
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