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Simple way to change Joomla's default meta data

Simple way to change Joomla's default meta data

Many users have stand up with Joomla Metadata error fixing. Before questioning it why? Let us learn what is metadata and why it is important for all Joomla website.
Metadata simply known as information or data present in website or file. It plays the main role in Joomla to identify whether the content is user-friendly to search engines or not. And so, the setting up configuration in metadata is strictly offered from website end. Metadata helps you to increase the traffic and rank in Google.
Metadata is the short description where you can find the whole website idea in two or three lines.

Is it easy to configure the metadata in Joomla?

You have only few steps to configure metadata.

Step 1: Open the admin panel in Joomla and search where the navigation menu present. Tap on the system tab and select global configuration from the list.

Step 2: Choose the site and then start writing the metadata description. Save it finally!

Easy isn't it? Why to move in chaos often?

Configuration is different from error fixing. When Joomla metadata gets error then it might get problem in website also. So, let us learn how to fix the error in metadata.
To fix the metadata error kindly check two solutions such as code error and layout improper mode.

Code error:

When you add the keywords related to user search and so, the error will be displayed as
Fatal error: Call to a member function setMetadata() on a non-object in C:\Wampserver\www\vlg\components\com_xxxxxx\xxxxxx.php on line 35
This is actually because of PHP code error. By correcting it properly, the code error will be vanished so no metadata error will be occurred.

How to correct it?
$document =& JFactory::getDocument();
$document->setMetadata('keywords', 'michael, susan, 23');
Add the above code and check if you still get the metadata error. Then try out propering layout from improper setting.

Layout improper mode:

When you supposed to change the layout?

Through admin panel in Joomla, there is an option to add the keyword in global configuration. But this keyword doesn’t showed in frontend and displayed in backend. So, in this stage we can change the layout.
By trying out this two methods, you can fix the metadata error within a second. Do the best!
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