Screen Command in Linux

Screen Command in Linux

Screen command in Linux Server :

The screen command is a utility provided by Linux to execute some process under or inside a screen. By using this you can simply detach from the screen and keep working on that server without keep waiting for the process to get completed. It is quite very helpful when we need to install applications on the server which takes a long time to get complete. By using this, you can execute installation on a screen, and can work normally on server after detaching it.
The most good thing about this is process still runs on that screen, even if you got connection dropped. You can re-attach that screen after you have done with other work and control that process.

1). To open a screen :
# screen
The command “screen” simply open a screen window for your process. You can execute the command over there and can detach the screen safely.

2). Detach screen :
You can detach screen by two ways :
Either you can press CTRL+A followed by D
You can run this command
# screen -d screen-id

3). To list all running screens :
# screen -ls
This will list result for all screen running at that time

4). Attach screen when required :
# screen -r screen-id
It will attach screen at anytime by specifying the screen id

5). Rename screen name :
# screen -s current.session -x sessionname
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