PLESK ONYX Panel For websites

PLESK ONYX Panel For websites

"PLESK" is a Commercial Web Hosting Platform (Web Hosting Data Centre Automation Software for Linux and Windows-based Commercial Hosting Service Providers) that comes along with a Control Panel. The PLESK Control Panel allows the user or server administrator to manage various aspects of a Website via a Web-based Single Control Panel Interface with ease. More details about PLESK are given in the following text ahead.

Multi Server Management :

The PLESK ONYX Panel supports Multi-server Management with the help of a Centralized Account for Several PLESK Instances. This Centralized Account has a Single Login Page for Administrator and Customers. PLESK ONYX also has special functions for Global Management. Global Management means easy managements of various tools and settings on different-different servers. It also has a provision of Centralized DNS and E-mail Accounts Management.

Git Deploy :

Git Support is an amazing feature of PLESK ONYX Panel which allows the user to have various functionalities such as Automatic Deploy after push to Repository, Bare Git Repository, Deploy Application to Web Hosting Under PLESK (from External Repository such as Bitbucket, GitHub etc), Deploy Application via Push Directly (from Developer's Laptop to Web Site under PLESK), Deploy from Git, Don't Publish Repository to vhost (just use Central Git Repository for Collaboration), Perform Additional Actions to Git Repository after Commit/Push.

Docker Support :

It gives the power of functions such as Ability to Run Container from Images available on Docker Hub, Stop/Start/Recreate Container and Manage Container Settings, Ability to Upload or Build own Image, Local and Remote Docker Management to only the Admin.

System Updates Management :

This option offers various functionalities such as All Updates Settings at One Point, Auto-update of Panel and System Packages, Block Updating (Selected Particular Packages in Panel), Predictable Updates for Packages and Update Packages Manually (Selected in Panel).

WordPress Toolkit and Ready to Code Environment :

The PLESK ONYX Panel has tools for WordPress such as WordPress Installation Scan & Management Tools and WordPress Security Scan & Hardening Tools. PLESK allows the Developers to Develop Web Apps and Websites for SMBs(that Scale in Cloud). This Ready to Code Environment supports .Net, Java, Javascript, node.js., Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby etc.

In short PLESK ONYX makes Server Management Made Easy (Intuitive Graphical Interface), has Simple Setup, has Native Support for Nginx, offers Enhanced Security (Complete set of Security Tools), Supports & Helps Developers and it is Ideal for WordPress.
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