Optimization of GTmetrix in WordPress

Optimization of GTmetrix in WordPress

How will you analyze the success rate of your website? It is entirely based upon the growth of the website and visitors engagement in the website. However, the number of visitors to the website increases and so, your growth rate to gets increases. Visitors are classified as a new one and old ones right! If both the users try at the same time the performance of the website gets slow down little by little. WordPress gets little complication to compile the website page at each time when new and old users keep on roaming in your website.

To speed up the website, you can try with GTmetrix in WordPress. It helps you more to speed up your website when it goes down in performance. For performing the GTmetrix, you only need three things as name of the domain, credentials of WordPress and GTmetrix plugin.

Let us start adding the specific post in the WordPress navigation menu!

Step 1:
You are an administrator! So, you can log in with credentials such as username and password. Look at the left side of the dashboard; you can see more menus listed one by one.

Step 2: Choose the menu “plugin” and then select the option “add menu”. You will get a page where you can type GTmetrix in the search bar.

Step 3: Start installing the plugin and activate it! After activation, GTmetrix is added to the left side of the dashboard where the plugin is already listed.

Step 4: Here, you need to get a new registration and API key too. Don’t forget to save the part of authentication once if you start entering the registration and API key.

Step 5: You can see the button “Test your FrontPage now”. Tap on it to check your website performance. The performance is based upon the score you get after running the front page of the website.

Step 6: The score is displayed in front of you with the grade marks like A, B, C and D. The clear picture of the website is shown with the space to improve more.

Step 7: You can cross-check the website performance by analyzing the improvement of codes and programs.

So, now you will know the lagging space on the website! You can bring up new codes or replace them with old ones to make your website faster. GTmetrix gives you an exact and detailed report forever!
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