If you are thinking of the best control panel in the field of web hosting, it is none other than the cPanel/WHM. It is widely accepted by everyone only for its simplicity. Here we will get the information about the different ports on a cPanel server.

A port serves as communication endpoint in the host operating system of a computer network. An IP address of the host is always associated with the port and also protocol type of the communication.

All the important open ports in a cPanel server are listed below. If you want you cPanel to run without any interruption all these ports must be opened in the firewall of the server. So here the list starts:

Port Service

20       FTP (Data Port)
21       FTP (Connection ports)
22       SSH
23       rdate
Ports for Email:

Port Service

25      SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol)
26      SMTP (Alternate)
587     SMTP (Alternate)
465     SMTP  TLS/SSL
110     POP3
143     IMAP4
993     IMAP4  SSL
995     POP3  SSL
783     SpamAssassin
cPanel & Webmail

Port Service

2082       cPanel
2083       cPanel  SSL
2086       WHM
2087       WHM  SSL
2089       cPanel license
2095       Webmail
2096       Webmail SSL
2077       WebDAV
2078       WebDAV  SSL
53         DNS
80         HTTP
443       HTTPS
3306      MySQL
43        whois
113       ident
873       rsync
6666       IRS
These are the lists of open ports on a cPanel server.
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