Installation of WHM/cPanel in CentOS 7

Installation of WHM/cPanel in CentOS 7

Do you want to set up CentOS 7 server? Co-join with the control panel for managing the graphical user interfaces web application and website at the same time. You might know more about WHM/cPanel! It is one of the best solutions for web hosting management. It gives you the perfect user-friendly mode for customizing and managing a website in a different aspect. Here, let us learn about the command-line for installing WHM/cPanel in CentOS 7.


Check the server have root SSH access before startup.

Below is the step for installation preparation:

Step 1:
Let us stop the firewall service first here. Use the command for stopping the firewall service:

systemctl stop firewalld.service
Step 2: In the second step, do server disable using the mentioned command below:

systemctl disable firewalld.service
Step 3: I Hope, you disabled the firewall in the first step so, do stop the service NetworkManager also:

systemctl stop networkmanager
Step 4: Now disable the NetworkManager by using the command mentioned below:

systemctl disable networkmanager
Step 5: Here, you need to edit the command for disabling the SELinux by using the command nano:

nano /etc/selinux/config
Check where the line SELINUX=enabled because you need to change it to SELINUX=disabled

Step 6:
Start installing the perl programming language using the command:

yum install perl –y
You have done with the installation preparation! Now, let’s start the installation of WHM/cPanel in CentOS 7.

Installation of WHM/cPanel in CentOS 7:

Step 1:
Use the command for changing the directory to /home/folder

cd /home
Step 2: You must have a recent version of WHM/cPanel so, use the command curl for downloading the recently released version:

curl -o latest -L
Step 3: Use the below script for installation only if the downloaded is completed fully.

sh latest
That’s it! Installation of WHM/cPanel is over!
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