How will you use the Apache server for exporting the SSL certificate?

How will you use the Apache server for exporting the SSL certificate?

SSL Certificate:

In short, to verify the ownership of the website users will get an SSL certificate. Not even only for verifying ownership, they have big trust in SSL/TLS for web traffic encryption, sub-domain association, certificate issuer, etc. SSL is otherwise called TLS which helps in identifying server verification. Using SSL, you can move the website from HTTP to HTTPS.

What consists of an SSL certificate?

SSL certificate consists of information like certificate expiry date, certificate issue date, sub-domain association, device name, organization name and person name, etc. Due to the CDN distribution done globally, SSL is available free in Cloudflare.

In case, if you want to move your SSL certificate from one server to another then of course you need to follow the steps like mentioned below:

Step 1: As a root user, just log in to the old server.

Step 2: Search where the SSL certificate’s .key files and .crt files. Just use the command as below-mentioned:

find / -name '*.crt' find / -name '*.key'
Step 3: Use command /etc/SSL/ for finding the location of two files

Step 4: You can find the full name as /etc/ssl/certs/YOUR_DOMAIN_NAME.crt
Step 5: Export the file by using the command such as:
  • openssl pkcs12 -export -out OUTPUT_FILENAME -inkey KEY_FILENAME -in CERTIFICATE_FILENAME
  • OUTPUT_FILENAME: Generate full path of file name using file.KEY_FILENAME : Full path of .key file (i.e. : /etc/ssl/private/DOMAIN.key).
  • CERTIFICATE_FILENAME: Full path of .crt file.(i.e.: /etc/ssl/certs/DOMAIN.crt).
Step 6: Fix the file password without fail. Don’t forget to enter the password only so, you can access .pfx file.

Step 7: Now download the file .pfx where you need to install SSL certificate.

Hereby, you are well-known to move SSL certificates from one server to another without technical expert help. We have given a detailed format for you to update in present as well as future.
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