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How to use Force HTTPS redirection feature in cPanel?

How to use Force HTTPS redirection feature in cPanel?

A redirection happens when a web server diverts a guest starting with one page then onto the next page. Typical utilization of redirection is to make simple to-recall URLs that divert to longer URLs. Another utilization is to redirect/divert guests from website's old pages into more current.

You are able to utilize cPanel for performing redirection different pages, and it may be permanent or temporary as per your need.

You are able to see in the cPanel continue making highlights of new feature time to time, same as you are able to see a new feature for redirection turn off/on. These days, the HTTPS has become very crucial for a website that gives a safe layer as well as gives out high SEO positioning on Google.

Many hosting service providers provide free of cost SSL authentication which can be empowered inside your cPanel.

If you have done your SSL installation you need to make enable SSL navigation by which site will run securely by using HTTPS by default.

It means it will be redirected by default from HTTP to HTTPS. If you do not do all the activity so user will visit unsecure website.

How To Add A Redirection?

You need to perform all this activity for redirection manually so be careful while working on redirection and follow each and every step as given. A little shortcoming in the access document may be trouble for the site as a 500 Internal server error or it may be site go slow or down. The cPanel presented an element on their ongoing rendition that the user/clients can turn on/off HTTPS redirection by using cPanel. You will get simple toggle button for on/off for redirection. Here, you are giving a simple demonstration to you about how you can turn off/on this effectively using cPanel so there is no need to write any code in htaccess.

  • First, you need to log in your cPanel control using the correct user name and password on hosting.
  • Second, you need to click on button “Domains” which is inside the domains section.

  • Now you need to click on toggle button which is nearest to name of your domain where you have installed SSL. There is no toggle button if you have not installed SSL. It is enabled once SSL has been installed successfully.

  • You are able to initiate the HTTPS redirection in mass by choosing the name of the domain by selecting from the list of checkboxes. Now click on the button 'Force HTTPS Redirect On' which is at the top.

Expelling A Redirection

You can expel a divert when you never again need to divert a page to another page. You are unable to change a diversion or redirection for that you need to first delete the old one and need to create new redirection.

Hope this article will assist you and now you are able to perform redirection for your website.
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