How to take off defacement from the site of WordPress?

How to take off defacement from the site of WordPress?

It is very horrible for you to face the defacement problem in your well-working website WordPress. You can mean the defacement in the word “Vengeance”. There is a possibility of each and every website getting hacked easily. We gradually improve security to stop hackers from entering the website.

Sometimes, it goes beyond the situation that hackers hack our website and erase all the databases within a second. We can somehow handle the situation with the backup taken already for emergency situations. But in defacement attack, it shows a public message to all the visitors in website by saying “Website has been hacked”. People who visit your website will go off immediately so that, the traffic to your website goes down. If Google finds that your website has been hacked then it will blacklist the website automatically.

How do hackers act in defacement attacks?
  • Hackers hack your website and convey a message by saying “Hacked by”.
  • They relate the situation based on the viral problem in video, image, and audio.
  • They prove that your website security is very less
  • Your website is used for its motive to spread viral news or to attack somebody directly without knowing the move of hackers.
  • The website layout, content, and images are replaced with their content.
Here, we are providing the solution to come away from the defacement attack:

WordPress website scanning process:
Hackers used to inject the virus inside by creating the backdoors in the website. With the help of superpower scanners, you can find the hidden virus to get away from the hacked website.

Defacement attack clearance: Using the scanner, it is easy to find the virus. But it is necessary for you to clear the defaced virus right! There are a greater number of virus removal services in the market. Use one in them to clean out the virus.

WordPress backup: It is a must for you to take backup at regular intervals. By now, you have cleaned the virus so, start taking the backup once done.

What other things you should notice after clearing the virus?

Using the website weakness, the hacker has entered into your website. So, the next step will be identifying the problem from where the gate is opened for the hackers. If you couldn’t find the reason, kindly make a list of recheck and reinstallation immediately.
  • Check whether the installation of WordPress is outdated
  • Check plugins and themes used in WordPress are outdated
  • Only use plugins and themes that are pirated
  • Login credentials are easy to predict
  • No SSL certification
WordPress installation: Some users won’t check the website version often. Each version carries more security and prevention for your website. It is a must for you to update the WordPress version at regular intervals. Using the older version of WordPress, the hackers are well-trained to get into your website. But in the newer version, it's not possible actually.

Other measures: You need to process the few steps mentioned below:
  • Plugin and theme editor disable
  • Plugin and theme installation disable
  • Use an unpredictable and very strong password and username
  • Two-factor authentication enable
  • Set login attempts with limitation
Unwanted plugins and themes delete: We have a habit to store everything for future use. In that case, check the WordPress plugin section to find the plugins that are stored unwantedly. Start deleting all the plugins and themes if it is not used now.

By sorting out the problem one by one, you can come out of the defaced attack in WordPress. It is a serious issue where someone tries to use your website for the sake of content delivery. Never give them space. Scrutinize the website often!
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