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How to stop auto-deleting emails from outlook?

How to stop auto-deleting emails from outlook?

Microsoft office suite – Well known application for your documents, power point presentation and accounts tally. One of the best known Microsoft personal information managers is Microsoft outlook, one part in the suite team. Primary task is used for emails and other useful sources were web browser, journal, contact manager, task manager, note taking and calendar. Quite interesting right! Yes, you have numerous versions in outlook alone for example: Outlook 2002, Outlook 2003, Outlook 2007, Outlook 2010, Outlook 2013, Outlook 2016 and Outlook 2019.

Why emails are getting deleted after 30 days?

You must known all your emails will be deleted after 30 days. Why? Couldn’t guess isn’t it? This happens because of the fault in filter configuration, IMAP/POP tab setting features, account that doesn’t active for a long week, account hacking reasons and finally, rule set up by Outlook.

Yes, it’s a major rule set up by Outlook to delete the emails after 30 days.

Moreover, we don’t love to delete our mails even after 30 days from the counting. We might get emails from our loved ones or business breakers. We just want to go through the email whenever want, may be kind of habit too. So, we must find a solution to prevent emails getting deleted after 30 days.

What is the solution to prevent emails deleting after 30 days?

You have an option called AutoArchive, either by setting the interval values or by disabling it you can easily prevent emails deleting.

Step 1: Select the account in which emails are getting deleted. Right click on the email and select the option context menu. After taping on it, you will be getting the list such as open in new folder , new folder, copy folder, rename folder, move folder, delete folder, delete all, properties etc.

Step 2: Choose properties, you will get a dialog box for properties. There, you have four tab such as general, AutoArchive, permissions and synchronization. Click on AutoArchive and so, check boxes will be listed below:

  • Do not archive items in this folder
  • Archive items in this folder using the default settings
  • Archive this folder using these settings
Step 3: We are working here to disable the AutoArchive. So, click on the checkbox "Do not archive items in this folder". Or else, if you want to set the interval values then tap on the check box archive this folder using these settings.

Here, you can set up the interval values according to months, weeks and days.

At last tap on OK button.

Completed.. Only three steps friends! Hope it would be easy for you to use.
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