The following steps have to be taken to setup the Gmail with the outlook 2007.

Step 1: The Gmail have to be prepared for connecting with the outlook 2007

The Gmail can be connected with the outlook but before this step we have prepare the Gmail. To prepare the Gmail account the two step verification has to be turned on and then the app password has to be created which is used by the outlook/office 365 to make the connection with the Gmail.

Step 2: The Gmail account has to be added with the outlook

When the above step is finished the existing message from the Gmail account will be appeared in the Outlook. The Outlook is used to send, receive and read the message from the Gmail and the Gmail account can be used as before.

1. The outlook app is opened. On the top left corner there appears a ribbon with the FILE option.

2. FILE >> ADD ACCOUNT has to be chosen in the outlook app.

3. The Gmail address and the password has to be entered in the Auto Account Setup page and then click Next.

4. Finish button has been clicked. Now the Gmail account is synced with the outlook.

Step 3: The Gmail messages has to be copied to the desktop

1. File >> Open & Export >> Import/ Export is chosen from the outlook app( outlook 2013 or outlook 2016).

2. Export to a file is chosen and then choose “Next”.

3. Outlook Data File (.pst) is chosen and then choose “next”.

4. The account to be exported is selected by choosing the name or the email address of your Gmail account and Include subfolders box is checked and the Next button is clicked.

5. The Browse option is selected to save the outlook data file (.pst) and the file name is entered. The default name is “back up” you choose another name for your reference. If an existing Outlook Data File (.pst) has to be exported, under Options the items to be exported has to be specified when the exported items exist in the file? Then click Finish.

6. After Add an optional password dialog box is opened, add the password if needed. Then click Ok even the password box is empty.

7. Finally go to the location where it has saved to confirm.

Step 4: The Gmail is copied to office 365 mail box

After this step the email available in .pst file will be shown in the Office 365 mailbox.

1. To start Import and Export Wizard File >> Open & Export >> Import/Export is chosen from the Outlook app.

2. Import from another program or file >> Next is chosen.

3. Outlook Data File (.pst) >> Next is chosen

4. .pst file is browsed as in Step 3. To deal with the duplicates choose any option and then Next.

5. The password is entered if a password is assigned to the Outlook Data File (.pst), the password is entered > Ok.

6. The email to be imported is chosen to your Office 365 mailbox. Finish is clicked.

7. After the above steps the information from the .pst file starts copying to Office 365 mailbox.

(optional) Step 5: To remove the Gmail account from outlook

1. File >> Account Settings >> Account Settings is chosen from Outlook.

2. The Gmail account is selected in the Account Settings box and the Remove is chosen.

3. The offline cache is deleted is appeared in the dialog box, Yes is chosen.
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