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How to setup Auto-Reply in Plesk?

How to setup Auto-Reply in Plesk?

Mail – It is the method to exchange the information’s, files and media in-between the users. It all happens between the circles of internet. Mails have two options such as incoming and outgoing mails. Now, guess! You are at a situation where you cannot open your mails or internet. You got an important mail to receive a project from multinational company. And of course! The sender would be eager to get response isn’t it? But you are not in a situation to reply him. What is your move now?

Let me give you an idea! Just setting up auto-reply, you and your client will be happy. No need to open your mails at any tough situation. Auto-reply is known as automatic replies for your incoming mails.

It’s easy to set up auto-reply such as:

Step 1: Open your mail and search for auto-reply part. There you can see few checkbox such as

  • Subject for auto-reply
  • Mostly, users would choose plain text because; they won’t be comfortable in using HTML. This is known as message format.
  • Text for messages
  • Forward to: If you need to use another email address then type here
  • Attached files: Attach the file which you want to send for your clients.
  • Automatic response for one email address: Lets take a count: You have received 3 emails from one sender email address. If you set up default value as one then your automatic reply goes to first mail. If you set default value as 2 then it goes to first two email address.
  • Switch off auto-reply on: In case, you are going for a holiday. So, auto-reply won’t be suitable in that case. It might be but if you receive continuous mails from your client and so, you’re automatic same reply won’t be a good mannerism. Better switch off the auto-reply!
  • Finally, tap on OK button.
To set up auto-reply, clear the checkbox and tap on OK button.

Auto-replies will be helpful in many cases but please don’t have a certain belief when you go to holiday. Quite interesting isn’t it? Hope it goes good!
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