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How to setup an email on MAC using Apple email?

How to setup an email on MAC using Apple email?

Apple email is one of the most popular emails used in the world. It has been there for a long time as compared to gmail and yahoo. It was created by steve wozniak and steve jobs. It has its own email .i.e iCloud which connects to the apple mail. It has operating systems such as MacOS, iOS and watchOS. There is a latest version which uses SMTP to send messages.The apple email has the ability to work with other emails providers therefore it is helpful to many people worldwide. It has some features which are discussed below:
  • It can configure the software to receive emails from all user and their accounts as a list.
  • It is also able to file emails as folders
  • It can search for emails.
  • It can integrate with your contact list, maps, and calendars.
Before you start configuring, ensure you have the following:
  • A domain name that belongs to you:
  • You should also have an email address:
Ensure that you remember the password of your email.

Email Configuration process using Apple mail

In order to configure your email on MAC using the Apple mail you should use the simple steps before;
  • Open your email address, in case you do not have an account in your gadget; it will direct you to add account option. You can also add an account. If the ‘Add account’ option does not appear, you can choose it directly in your Mail menu.
  • Select “Add other email account” from the option of Add account. Several options, including Google, Yahoo, iCloud, exchange, and Aol.
  • Click the Continue button below the options.
  • Enter the information of your email account.
  1. Enter your full name the way it will appear.
  2. Enter your correct email address
  3. Enter the password of your email.
  • Click on Create.
The default search will use the, but if you have not the subdomain created and the installed SSL certificate, it will not work.
  • Fill all the fields. You will have to fill all the areas with the information of your email and access the domain. It may not be visible when using an older version of the apple mail.
  1. Enter your email address
  2. Enter the username
  3. Enter the password you used during the registration of your email address account.
  4. Enter the account type; it is advisable you connect via IMAP.
  5. Enter the IP address of your server or you can also use as an incoming server and the outgoing server.
  • Confirm all the apps you would like to attach or access your email address account.
  • Select all the apps you need to connect and then click on “Done”.
At this step, you will have configured your email address in the apple mail successfully. Ensure that you update your Apple mail to the latest version in case you are using the outdated version. You have successfully configured your email address using the apple mail. As always, ensure that you ask any questions in the comments session.
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