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How to resolve too big error log issue in Joomla?

What is mean by Joomla error log file?

You might come across the file called public_html it is present inside the root directory. It is more common to predict all the websites in Joomla will have root directory and so, error log file too will be present. Whenever the website face with the issues, it will be stored inside the error log file where you can check instantly. Only visible errors will be stored and no assurance for non-visible errors. For more example: code error and fatal error are visible errors that can be viewed by the user.

One of the best solution to find out the error and troubleshoot it by viewing the errors saved in error log file. You can eaisly find out hackers malicious attack too with this file.

Main configuration:

Let us learn how to fix this big problem in error log file. When the error keep on adding in file the size of the file too grows simultaneously. This might be the major problem to deal with it. The large size indicates large problem in Joomla website.

What will be the solution?

Solution! Yes, we have three types of solution to reduce the size of the file which grows vigorously.
  • Fix the error log file errors
  • Cross-check settings in configuration
  • Find out faulty plugin and disable it.
Let us see one by one:

Fix the error log file errors:

Instead of error disabling kindly fix the problem present inside the error log file. In many cases, error disable will result in tougher debug process.

Step 1: Open the error log file and check the error inside it. You can see few errors related to PHP. The path may be assumes as /usr/local/lib/php.ini. If this code is present then you can get sure that website has a problem.


Step 2: Now the value in php.ini can be set as log_error. Definitely, it would stop creating the errors.

Cross-check settings in configuration:

Open the Joomla and tap on the option “ system”. Under the system option, choose global configuration and kindly troubleshoot it. If you change the folder of log path then you have an chance to reduce the error creation.

You can choose your own path no restrictions here. Give a chance by changing the path. It would work out!

Find out faulty plugin and disable it:

Most probably, you will get the large size when you have faulty plugin in the website. Cros-check whether the plugins such as system log in present in the website or not. Log entriess will be casually generated by some misconfiguration plugins. So, this might be the main reason for creating large log entries in error log file.

It is very easy to solve the misconfiguration plugin so don’t worry about it.
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