How to Resolve the Cloudflare Code 81053 Error?

How to Resolve the Cloudflare Code 81053 Error?

Are you getting the 81053 Error in Cloudflare? It means that the A, or AAAA, or the CNAME already exist with the exact name. Getting this error can be frustrating. In this article, learn how to resolve this.

How to Fix Cloudflare 81053 Error?

The error occurs because you might have AAAA records at the top of the list. As a rule, you cannot have both AAAA and CNAME record for a host. Put it another way, you can’t insert a new CNAME when AAAA record of the same name already happens to exist. So you need to fix this problem.

As an additional measure, the AAAA record should point to your existing web host. In case you want to change that, you’d have to delete the AAAA records. Once you’ve deleted that, then you can add the CNAME record of your choice.

The error may also surface in cases where you have DNS record that also happens to be the AAAA or A or CNAME record for your root domain.

Another reason for the 81053 error is when Cloudflare scans your DNS records and add the details to the A or CNAME record. Then, you’ll have incorrect details. You can fix this error by removing the incorrect record and then add the correct CNAME record.

So that’s how you resolve the Cloudflare 81053 error. For more details: get in touch with Cloudflare or your hosting support team.
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