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How to resolve Joomla fatal error?

How to resolve Joomla fatal error?

We all have listened the word fatal error but everyone does not know what is actual fatal error? here you are getting the right solution for fatal error and how to solve it.

It is an error that makes a program end with no notice or sparing its state. If there is a fatal error, it will prematurely end the application which is running at the same time, and it may cause losing any of the unsaved changes that were made in the program recently.

This may occur any time while working with the platform but this is important to solve it. So let's go ahead.

How to solve a Fatal error?

There is a number of reasons for occurring the fatal error but one of the very important and major reasons for this error is Joomla is running out of memory.

Reasons why the fatal error occurs and fixes for it

Fatal errors are temporary and it can be solved very easily.

Allowed memory size

The fatal error can show the white screen as a result on the browser. It depends on the particular modules or plugins which are installed or it may cause of PHP setting which is already done.

Memory is the main reason for fatal error. If Joomla if out of memory so this will show a fatal error. You may see the following error as given below.

If you are using a shared host so you may face kind of issue many times. It may also happen with any of the servers if the host limit is out of memory.

If you are using the admin panel of Joomla so it may occur an error like,

There are some of the most commonly Joomla error messages and some instructions to solve your issue.

Fatal error: Call to undefined method RuntimeException::get().

If you are trying to update your Joomla platform so it may occur. The main reason behind this cause is maybe system plugin with on After Initialize method.

Fatal error: Call to undefined method stdClass: Display()

It can be fatal error if you are trying to create for new content so it may occur. It may solve the problem if you upload fresh files.

Fatal error: Call to undefined method JModel::addIncludePath()

Get the solution through JModelLegacy by expanding your model class.

Fatal error: Call to undefined method JControllerLegacy::get

You can also prevent this issue by usinga new version of Joomla.

After that, you need to extract the directory, “includes” and “libraries” and upgrade with this two new folder.
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