How to resolve error 522 in Cloudflare

How to resolve error 522 in Cloudflare

Here in this section, we are going to explain how the error 522 in Cloudflare is resolved. Generally, these kinds of errors mainly occur due to IP blockage, bad settings in the server, overload in the server, and more. Usually, to improve the website's performance and security Cloudflare is used. Whenever a viewer visits the website, instead of sending the user to the actual website, the viewer will be redirected to the Cloudflare server.

Therefore, the miscommunication of the source server and the Cloudflare server may cause error 255. This occurs if the Cloudflare server can’t initiate TCP to the source server. The error 255 in Cloudflare can also occur due to other reasons. In incase, the Cloudflare IP address got blocked in firewall, .htaccess files. Due to some Plugins used in WordPress, if a firewall blocks the connection, wrong IP address setting, if the source server is overloaded or it went offline, Or if the server disables keepalive option.

Now, let us explain to you how to resolve this error using various methods.

  • Cloudflare Blockage: As we explained before, the blockage of Cloudflare by a firewall or .htaccess files can be the major cause of getting error 255 in Cloudflare. So, to resolve this error we need to be ensuring that the IP address of Cloudflare is whitelisted.
  • WordPress Plugin: ThePlugins used in WordPress can also be a threat on the server which generates queries than it required. Thus, the particular database got overloaded and makes the server high-loaded. Where, the Plugin can also affect the connection speed and so, we recommend taking off the current Plugin and installing the suitable plugin.
  • Firewall Settings: The administrators on the internet can use cPanel among themselves as a control panel. Here, we can set the no. of connections to access the webserver. So, if there are any mistakes made in the setting, then the error 255 may occur. To avoid this error, we need to check with the setting of the firewall and then reduce the connection rate to the server.
  • Server load: The server will be crashed if there are many requests to the server. And, when someone tries to access the server, this error 255 may occur. Therefore, we need to check the load in the server and take the necessary action.
  • Settings of DNS mismatch: If the DNS setting is not proper, then the 255 error may occur. So, we need to make corrections and resolve the error.
  • Keepalive enablement: The Cloudflare makes use of the Keepalive header to organize the connection. If this configuration got disabled, it may lead to an error 255. For this kind of issue, we request you to check and make the required setting changes in it.
Once if you fix errors on settings of the server, block in IP, server overload then you is free to use Cloudflare without any interruption. Your website will be live if you do not ever get 522 time-out errors!
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