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How to Resolve Access Denied Error

Sucuri website acts as a good web application firewall and so it performs the best in the protection of WordPress website. Since the Sucuri firewall is based on a cloud web app firewall, it will automatically stop any kind of attack attempts and hacking on the websites.

Have ever come across an “Access Denied” Error message occurring in your Sucuri firewall? If in case, the Sucuri IP address got blocked in the site, then this error may occur on the website.

For example - if a person uses Sucuri act on his WordPress website, and that got blocked by its IP address, there are chances of getting an “Access Denied” error.

In this case, the whitelisted IP address can be added in the .htaccess file as shown in the below coding.

<FilesMatch ".*">
Order deny, allow
Deny from all
Allow from
Allow from
Allow from
Allow from
Allow from 2a02:fe80::/29
Moreover, the IP address can be whitelisted as per the usage of the firewall. That is, if IPtable is used, then the Sururi IPtable will be whitelisted.

- Incoming connection allowed from the IP address.

iptables -A INPUT -i eth1 -s -j ACCEPT
- Outgoing connection allowed to the IP address.

iptables -A OUTPUT -i eth1 -d -j ACCEPT
The above coding clearly shows the incoming/outgoing connection made from/to the same IP address.

Here is how we fix the “Access Denied” error in the website by whitelisting the IP address. It's so easy right! We are making it easy for you!
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