The Plesk default page is nothing but a default page that appears when Plesk server fails utterly to find a configuration for the demanded website/webmail, and therefore it returns default page.

Cause of Problem

The most common sources of facing such issues are DNS resolution to an improper IP, improper domain settings in Plesk, or even lost website content. In fact, the critical point to understand is that any website displays the Default Plesk Automation Page if they are deferred, do not resolve appropriately, or a webserveris misconfigured.

Studies define that in general, this Plesk default page gets displayed on the desktop screen, once you direct to a domain that is directed towards your server's IP address but has been developed on the Plesk server deprived of enlisting any web content.

Also, you can also get encountered with the situation of viewing Plesk default page while directing to the IP address of the server when not any domain is fixed as the default domain on any specific IP address.

In fact, many experts recommend while creating a website to delete it or overwrite it completely. If you own your or have a website, then it is essential that your home page be named index.html, index.php or index.htm. The default sample index page in your web space is named index.html, and therefore make sure to erase/overwrite the sample file.


Resolution to fix this problem is to alter this particular page to your homepage, and so you just require to traverse through the server with SFTP or SSH to the subsequent directories.

NOTE: In Plesk, the location or the address of default page for websites directing to the server is created that does not have an account. To have a look of this page, you just require to directly reaching to the IP address of your server in the web browser, but only when you set a default domain to the IP address in Tools and Settings -> IP Addresses.

Now, to make you understand, we are replacing the “index.html” file with our own file so-called in the same way as in the /var/www /default/htdocs directories. Therefore, you just need to correct the “index.html” file or change it with the website files as per the requirement.

Note that until you follow the trick explained above, any visitor visiting your website will see this page and not the web-content. Check all the points listed below:

1. Make sure that there is no failed task regarding the important subscription in the System such as Task Manager.

2. Check that the domain resolves correctly. You can check it using the ns lookup utility.

3. Make sure that the domain has not been suspended. We can also check this in the Customer Control Panel, on the different Websites and the domains tabs.
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