How to remove IP address from blacklist?

Many users have questioned that “IP address is blacklisted. What is the process to remove it?” Everything starts with your server decision! There is a process of setting spam traps by the well-organized services like IP reputation monitor.

They found out a reason for blacklisting the IP address by below scenarios:
  • If a web application like Drupal, Joomla and WordPress have vulnerable content or versions which is outdated is very easy for hacking. So, a hacked website will have an uploaded spam script.
  • Email authentication takes place whenever you receive a mail from the sender. If any of your email accounts are hacked by password leaked or stole then it simple permits sending spam mails.
  • Email server which is unsecure for usage will be another act to get hacked easily again.
Most bouncing emails will be highlighted with a link to delist the IP address. Don’t ever do it without confirming the out process spam from the server! Because your server is filled with spam activities now! If you try to delist the IP address without clearing the spam it may go viral again.

  • Check the spam activity in your server:
Now, your server is the one with spam activities! There are more possibilities for getting mail server configuration error, the email account that has been compromised and website easy to hack.

You must find a solution to fix the problem immediately:
  • Use the mail log to identify the volume of the mail in one account and one hour. This one-hour strategy helps you to get relieved from the compromised account. Confirm which account sends the more volume of mails! Here’s the first identification!
  • Mail can be generated locally or from the client of the mail. Identify which the origination to click the compromised account.
  • Compare the weblog and mail log together for finding the spam script. If you find any trace of mail client deals externally then your password of the mail is leaked.

Solution: Go for a quick solution by putting an end to the compromised account. Yes! Suspend the compromised account.

  • Try to change the IP of mail server:
A server may carry more number of IP address but you cannot use more that 2 or 3 in many cases. In the first step, you might have suspended the compromised account then it’s must restore the delivery of the mail. You have only one choice to change the IP address of the mail server.

Use below-mentioned three tips for changing the IP address in mail servers:

– Go to exim.config and the choose remote_smtp: Just add the statement interface = xx.xx.xx.xx. Finally, Exim restart is important.

Sendmail – Just execute the statement /etc/mail/ to edit the files. So, that you can add the Addr into the DAEMON_OPTIONS(`Port=smtp,Addr=XX.XX.XX.XX,Name=MTA')

Postfix - /etc/postfix/ – Do edit the file. Add the IP address into the statement of inet_interfaces = XX.XX.XX.XX. Postfix restart should be done here!

  • IP address delisting request:
You have removed the spam content in the server. You are now free to send a request for delisting the IP address from the list of the blacklist. Click on the link given in bounce email for sorting out this issue!

Open the link and it will ask you to enter the IP address. That’s it!

  • Carry out the process to unsuspended the compromised account:
Usually, delisting the IP address will take 2 or more days but in some cases, it has given an immediate solution. Use this time, to check all the files in your server as well as in website to identify the spam activity. Confirm that there are no traces of spam in server and website.

Website backup will be helpful to retain the originality!

Here, we have given you a few steps to stop blacklisting the IP address:

Precaution is better than cure right? Take enough measure to protect your IP address in doing blacklisting.

  • The web server should act as harder!
Web server is the only interface to upload spam scripts. So, you must be very conscious to stop uploading the spam scripts. Use firewalls like mod_security and ComodoWAF for maintaining good web applications.

Anti-scanners for malware and virus is a good choice for stopping the signature of malware.

  • Upload scanners setup:
You have stopped the act of vulnerabilities in web applications. This is not an immediate fix! There is another way to bring spam content in compromised accounts. Whenever you create a new file called inotify just set up the process of scanning. Scanners will easily find the way of spam so that it will delete without your permission.

  • Outbound mail scan enablement:
There is no assurance for your login details to be safe right? Then, you must be aware of enabling outbound mail scan. It helps to block unauthorized person activities by enabling the scan of anti-spam. The server will block the spammer and gives the warning.

  • Limiting the rates of email account to send outgoing mail:
If all our steps are getting into failure don’t worry about the immediate solution. There is a setup for sending outgoing mails from one account. For example A businessman will send 5o emails per hour in one account. So, if we reduce the count of mail then it is considered as the minor occurrence of spam mail. Your IP address too won’t be delisted!

  • Do regular audit for server settings:
Have a look at the server periodically! Confirm the occurrence of the open relay at regular intervals. If you check at regular intervals, then it will be easy for you to sort out the issue before the business gets into trouble.

Smart work right!

Overall! We have given you the solution as well as precaution method to delist IP address. Take enough measures to safeguard the email account at any time!
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