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How to remove index.php from URL Joomla?

How to remove index.php from URL Joomla?

You might cross across the situation index.php along with your website. This will be default settings in your Joomla. One can identify the website traces are good or not by checking the website URL. You have two choices to remove index.php from Joomla by renaming the htacess.txt file to .htaccess. Second method - Just enable the Use URL rewriting choice.

Let us see how to remove index.php from Joomla in two steps:

  • Use URL rewriting enable part:
Step 1: Log into Joomla as administrator. Only so, you will have privileges to edit the settings. In admin panel, you can see few lists in left side.

Step 2: From that, click on the system tab and choose Global configuration link. In Global configuration link itself, you have many tabs. Select the site tab and tap on SEO settings located at right side.

Step 3: Now, give Yes to Use URL rewriting part and then you will redirect to another option “Site name in Page titles”. You will get the dropdown list and click on after option.

Step 4: On the left side, there is a save button. Tap on the save button and now go to second step to rename htaccess.txt - .htaccess

  • How to rename the file as .htaccess from the real name htaccess.txt?
If you were the Apache server user, before renaming just cross-check mod_rewrite enabled and installed or not. On the folder “site root”, you can view the file htaccess.txt. Just rename this into htaccess.txt into .htaccess.

If you are the IIS server, before giving yes to Use URL rewriting check URL Rewrite mode is enable or not. Only so, you can rename web.config.txt into web.config.

Now, the index.php along with your website URL will be erased off. So, for apache server and IIS server only file name differs other option reflects the same.

Just by doing two steps, the website URL will be normalized as before.
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