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How to protect yourself from spam mail?

How to protect yourself from spam mail?

Spam has become a most common problem in this technological era. Unfortunately, there is no way to completely eradicate this spam; though, it is so common. But, it is quite normal that all the developments will have both the pros and cons.

We can protect ourselves from spam by doing little things even though we cannot erase it completely. Here, let me help you with baby points to protect yourself from SPAM.

How to know that you’ve been spammed?

Spams are junks most of the times; where, the spammer sends unsolicited messages/mails (advertisements, in general) to a large number of people.

Common types of Spam:

You will generally be spammed with the Newsletters, advertisements, offers and discounts.

How do you receive these?
  • You might have subscribed earlier with your mail ids / phone numbers.
  • You might have given your mobile number / mail id to a shop where you purchased earlier.
  • You might have clicked some random ads in between browsing.
In general, when you put your mail id / mobile number in the internet, the spammer will easily get accessed to it.

How it hurts?

There is a major chance for you to miss your important mails / messages. When your mail looks like a junk with all the advertisements, offers & discount invites, it is tougher to search what you need. It takes a lot of time and effort to reorganize everything.

So, here is a guide for you to escape from SPAM.
  • Create separate mail ids / mobile numbers for Personal, Official & Others. Use, the ‘Others’ for subscriptions, advertisements, games & registrations in websites. Never use the ‘Personal / Official’ mail ids in websites.
  • Remember, you can always unsubscribe the unwanted mails. There will be a link for ‘unsubscribing’ in most of the spam mails. Use it. And when you don’t find the link, simply block the user.
  • Don’t put your email address in public forum, any free newsletter etc.
  • You can use encoder for your email address.”
  • We do have spam detection in most of the apps / mail servers. In general, the spam detection works on the feedback given by that particular app / mail server users. There is also text filters. These text filters work by choosing the most used words in the mails which is previously marked as spam by the users.
  • These spam filters work when a bulk number of messages / mails sent on one go. These Spam Filters will also include the blacklisted / blocked contacts.
  • In Gmail, you can choose the criteria of your filter. To create filter in Gmail:
    • Login to Gmail > select the down arrow from the ‘Search box’ >
    • Type what you want to search > Check the mails which showed up >
    • If you did not see the mails you want,
    • then, select ‘create filter with search’ below the search window.
    • Choose your filter > Click, create filter.
  • By setting ‘default address’ in cPanel such as “: fail: no such address here”. Whenever we create emails for official use, then choosing the administrator, webmaster and web are often. Spammers will look after these reserved addresses to get your details easily. Avoid emails by creating designer@ and web designer@.
  • Have you heard about spam-magnet account? If you sign up with few sites, it will send activation link or verification link. Before signing up kindly, go to cPanel and change the spam email address and forward it to reserved address. Now, you can sign up without any hesitation. And after checking the email again reset the spam email account and disables the email forwarding.
  • You can hide your email address by creating the graphic file using JavaScript.
<script language="JavaScript">
<!-- Begin
user = "name";
domain = "";
document.write('<a href=\"mailto:' + user + '@' + domain + '\">');
document.write(user + '@' + domain + '</a>');
// End -->
Spammers won’t have any idea to retrieve your information from JavaScript.

Even though, these steps may prevent you, the key is always in your hands.

Be aware before you click!
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