Adding Domain to DNS Server:

Every system in a network have an IP address and it is unique address of that particular machine. Similarly the website also has IP address but it is not used. Websites are referred by their names like or It is very hard to remember IP addresses for every websites. That’s why DNS is used for translating the website names into IP address.

DNS server is a type of server that manages and maintains the domain names and it contains the database of the IP address and their corresponding records. The DNS translate domain names into its IP address. The well-known version of the domain name is BIND, it is free and it comes with Linus/Unix systems. It is an open source software used for implementing the DNS protocols and it has an ability for translating the website names into IP address.

For adding new domain to DNS Server two files that are related to DNS server has to be edited.

An Entry is added to Named.config:

  • SSH, root is logged in.
  • In any text editor, file /etc/named.conf is opened.
  • Zero entry for the is added in the end of the file in the following format

zone "" {
type master;
file "/var/named/";
DB Record Creation:

"/var/named/ is the path of the DB record and MX records, Address records and all records that are related to the can be added.

  • To edit the text editor, /var/named/ file is opened.
  • The contents can be copied and pasted as given below. Each and every records can be edited as per the need of the domain. Here the IP address should be replaced by the domain IP address.

; Zone file for

$TTL 14400 86400 IN SOA (

2012031401 ;Serial Number

86400 ;refresh

7200 ;retry

3600000 ;expire

86400 ;minimum

)      86400      IN      NS      86400      IN      NS      14400      IN      A

localhost           14400        IN       A       14400     IN     MX     0

mail        14400    IN     CNAME

www        14400    IN     CNAME

ftp         14400   IN     CNAME

webmail        14400    IN       A
  • The text editor is saved and exited.
  • The below command is used for reloading the DNS server
rndc reload
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