How to fix the error “Maximum file limit has been reached on your server” ?

Maximum file limit has been reached on your server Error.

  1. Bhawani Singh
    Are you getting error while working on your website? Actually there was a limit for opened files on server for the security reasons and of you have reached then the error flashes. Don’t you worry there is a way; you can increases the maximum files on your server so that you won’t get this error again. Let’s see how to overcome from this problem :

    If you are getting this error “Maximum file limit has been reached on your server” then you have to follow the steps :

    1. Login to server as a root user.

    2. Open the file from the path /etc/sysctl.conf and Edit it from following command :

    vi /etc/sysctl.conf
    3. Now add the line into the code :

    s.file-max = 22992
    This line helps to increase the maximum connections you have created.

    4. At last save and exit from the file.

    5. If you need to apply the changes then run this command :

    # sysctl –p
    From the above steps you can successfully increase the size of file limit on your server which is causing problem.