How to Fix the Domain is Not Resolvable Error Message in Plesk?

How to Fix the Domain is Not Resolvable Error Message in Plesk?

If you’re using Plesk to manage your websites online, then you might come across the “Domain is Not Resolvable” even when the domain resolves correctly. You’ll receive a message that looks something like this:

“Your website is offline because its domain name does not resolve to the server IP address.

To put your website online, update DNS setting on the side of your domain registrar or external DNS provider.”

The reason for this error is the domain did not resolve to IPv6 address. This is configured in the Domains > > Web Hosing Access.

As per the Plesk team, the issue was caused by a bug with id PPPM-12889 that they intend to fix in future updates.

How to Fix the Issue?

You need to add the AAAA record on the Registrar side.

Follow the steps mentioned below. Please note you aren’t required to employ the IPv6 for this.

Log into your Plesk dashboard

Navigate into Domains > > Web Hosting Access

Find the drop down menu of IPv6 and then select None

Scroll down to the bottom where you’ll find the OK button. Click on it to save the changes made

This should fix the error.
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