How to fix SQL Error 50000?

How to fix SQL Error 50000?

What is the right time to use SQL Server Native Client? Whenever you use a database of SQL server its must use SQL Server Native Client. The decision is yours! Before you choose SQL Server Native Client make sure everything is okay or else you can move with some other technology for accessing data’s.

Coming to the article, when we install in SQL Server Management Studio into machines of the client at that time, we might get error SQL 50000. Situations may get differ so, let’s see the different situation of SQL error occurrence.
  1. When you install SQL Server Native Client or while the update goes on you might get SQL Error 50000.
  2. When some components in software try to use SQL Server Native Client and so, it will be installed already in the system with the help of file MSI.
  3. Installation may get over! You will be trying to change the name of sqlncli.msi then you will be getting an error as SQL 50000.
One solution is to uninstall the previously installed version and then you can remove or add any program as you like. Now, try to install the components of software or SQL Server again. If you still get any issues, uninstall the SQL Server Native Client and then try to reboot the machine post.

It is a must to use both SQL Server and SQL Server Native Client or else simply download it from the Microsoft website. Try to install it one more!

Again, don’t use file sqlncli.msi for installation it will end up in error in future.
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