How to easily embed iFrame code in WordPress?

How to easily embed iFrame code in WordPress?

How to embed iFrame code in WordPress page or post? In this technical era, we are trying to get and complete everything in a minute. The world runs so fast right! Yes! Before days, we used to upload images or videos on the website but now, we found a very easy way to just copy-paste the iFrame code into a WordPress page or post. But still, how to get iFrame code for embedding it into WordPress? Many websites allow you to use iFrame codes for embedding videos on YouTube, Vimeo, etc.

We help you to learn three methods for getting iFrame code to embed in a WordPress website.

Quick short about iFrame:

iFrames are generally termed as codes which helps you to embed videos or images into other website or WordPress website directly. No need to spend time searching for videos or images in the big list or no need to waste your time uploading the videos. If you have a very slow network then it would take 1 or 2 hours to complete the upload. We cannot spend that much time on one video upload so in this case; iFrame will help at most care.

The iFrame opens up in a separate window to show the content from another website. If you embed iFrame code in the WordPress website instead it loads from the source account. For example: If you embed iFrame code from YouTube then the video will be displayed from Youtube.

The iFrame is nothing but a code specially designed in HTML format. If you use an external application to upload the video it will surely consume more amounts of storage space and bandwidth. This will help you to outcome infringe copyright content. Again, you want to upload a video from another website – You need to download it first, and then the uploading process takes place. Both downloading and upload will take more amount of space from your system. So, don’t waste your time downloading and upload the videos or images on the WordPress website.

Also, if the content embedded is updated in the source website it will also reflect in your iFrame code.

Till now, we have only seen advantages but what about the disadvantages? Only a few websites are allowed to use iFrame code so you have only a low number of choices to pick the website that suits you. The frame of the code will be small or big what you need is simply to adjust the size of the video manually. Also, HTTPS users are allowed to use their content only from other HTTPS content likewise, HTTP users can use the same content from HTTP only.

Method 1: Add the iFrame code from the source code directly:

As said, there are many websites like YouTube that uses iFrame code where it gives you code for copy-pasting into WordPress website.

Step 1: Go to YouTube and select the video for which you need to embed. Tap on the share button so that, a pop-up window will be displayed with features like embed, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Blogger, and Tumblr.

Step 2: Choose the option “embed” to get the iFrame code. Don’t forget to choose the privacy-enhanced mode. Tap on the copy button present on the right side below.

And here, you have iFrame code in hand just copy-paste it into the WordPress page or post. If you going to add it block editor by creating a new page simply go to pages and then click on add new page. Copy-paste the iFrame code into the block editor created newly.

Publish the page happily!

Method 2: Use the plugin “iFrame WordPress Plugin” for embedding code into the WordPress website:

We have discussed more YouTube iFrame code what about the website that doesn’t give you iFrame code. The plugin called “iFrame WordPress Plugin” helps you to get iFrame even if it doesn’t let you get iFrame code.

Step 1: Go to the WordPress dashboard and choose the plugins option present on the left side of the window. Tap on the option “add new” to install iFrame WordPress plugin”.

Step 2: Enter the plugin name in the search box and then you can see the plugin displayed below. Start the installation process by tapping on the button “install” and activate it.

Step 3: You need to set up and settings. After the plugin activation, it would start its work directly. No create a page or post based on the requirement.

Step 4: Now, add the block called “shortcode” where you can add iFrame here.

[iframe src="URL goes here"]

Here, you can see the statement “URL goes here” where you can copy-paste the content of the URL. You can copy the URL of the map or the URL of the video or images.

Publish the post to check the visibility of the map or image. Adding parameters will help you to fix the size of the content.

Step 5: Set the height and width of the videos or images.

Method 3: Creation of iFrame code manually:

Some would prefer using plugins some won’t prefer plugins everything is based on their requirement. Peoples who don’t love to use plugins can create iFrame code manually.

Step 1: At first, create an HTML block for pasting iFrame code.

Enter the below-mentioned code into your HTML block:

<iframe src="URL goes here"></iframe>

Replace the statement “URL goes here” into source URL. For example: Copy paste the Google Map source code into HTML block.

Step 2: Set your parameters inside HTML tag like width = 800 and height = 900. If you set up the parameters for width and height then it would get fixed automatically.

Publish the post and check the visibility of the video or image!

We have now gone through three steps for adding iFrame code into your WordPress page or post. It’s just a simple step and it won’t require more time for you to add iFrame code. Speed up your work and get an enthusiastic mood for inventing more creations.
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