Are you facing problem related to magic quotes? Many open source software like Prestashop, Drupal, Joomla are available in which magic_quotes_gpc should be turn off. You can easily disable it by simply adding the code in .htaccess file. In this article we are going to explain about the steps to disable magic_quotes on your server.

There are two ways to disable the magic_quotes_gpc :

1. Disable magic_quotes_gpc via php.ini file: For that you just have to create the php.ini file and add the below code in the file. Now check it by uploading the phpinfo.php, the magic_quotes_gpc will be show you OFF.


magic_quotes_gpc = Off
magic_quotes_runtime = Off
magic_quotes_sybase = Off
2. Disable magic_quotes_gpc via .htaccess file: If your server allows running .htaccess files then you can add below line in your file to effectively disable magic_quotes_gpc.

php_flag magic_quotes_gpc off
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