How to disable Core Dumps on the dedicated server?

Disable Core Dumps on the dedicated server.

  1. Bhawani Singh
    Core dumps are the system generated files which are creates when process running under the memory does not completes. Core dumps are mainly used for debugging a program. From these core dumps file programmer can easily examine the problem by using debugger. The core dumps files are mainly used to analyze the reason behind the dump. For example the core dumps file names are like : core.5876. Further you can see how you can disable core dump files on dedicated server.

    How to review core dump files on VPS or Dedicated server ?

    If you don’t know how to review the core dumps files then as a VPS or dedicated server customer, you can view the core dumps file by command line or shell access. To review the dump files you have to run the following commands:

    gdb -c core.####
    strings core.####
    Disable core dumps on dedicated server :

    We are explaining the steps through which you can disable the core dumps on dedicated server.

    1. Login as root on your server.

    2. Now open the up /etc/init.d/httpd directory in vi text editor through this command:

    vi /etc/init.d/httpd
    3. Add the following code below ulimit –n

    ulimit -c 0
    4. At last Save and exit.

    5. Restart Apache service.