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How to copy files of one plesk account to another account?

How to copy files of one plesk account to another account?

This blog and complete guide will tell you the best way to copy your website files over to a new site. You can utilize this for making a site for advancement purposes or just to copy content.

As a matter of first importance, you'll have to make webspace, so must have to include another membership for your new domain.

This instructional exercise will assist you with copying site documents to another webpage or outer storage by utilizing the 'site data in the Plesk.

This is a phenomenal way to make a duplicate copy of the site to the current account to any of a remote PC through FTP. Kindly pay attention that the databases should be copied. Please follow the few steps and you will be able to do.

It's not too much trouble but please note for this website copying tool that is able to copy data or file of your website. This might be fine in case you're duplicating a static HTML site however much of the time you'll have to copy over the database of your website too.

Site Copying highlight can be utilized so as to duplicate sites documents to another site facilitated under a similar record or to an FTP.

Such replicating is helpful and you are intending to make real site changes. In such a case, you can clone the site to an organizing situation and let your developer and designer to the work with clone without intruding on tasks of the generation site.
  • First, you need to enter in the Plesk dashboard by login using correct username and password.

  • Then you need to click on ‘Websites & Domains’ icon to proceed further as you can see in the given image.

  • You can see an option ‘Website Copying’, you need to click on this icon and go for the next step to follow.

  • Another window will be opened and here you can choose the applicable choices identified with the following option website copying.

  • If you are copying the file of the website to any of the remote pc or system, you are able to configure storage settings of FTP.

  • You need to click on "Ok" Button if you have completed.
All the procedure and step has been explained very clearly and hope there is no issue with this. So now you are able to copy files of the website and work fine.
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