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How to configure Apache and PHP using EasyApache 4?

What is EasyApache?

EasyApache is an amazing and easy to-utilize device incorporated with WHM/cPanel that you can use to refresh and arrange your Apache webserver.

How would I get to EasyApache?

EasyApache can be gotten in two distinct ways. The most widely recognized (easy to use) technique is by means of your WHM Panel. While the less 'easy to use', anyway increasingly proficient technique is by means of the command line.

EasyApache is amazing and has gigantic abilities, this article will portray/detail the most well-known uses.

The way using EasyApache 4 to configure Apache and PHP

1. First, you need to use the correct username and password to login to WHM and use the search box to access EasyApache 4.

Go to WHM then inside Software you are able to see EasyApache 4

2. You are able to see the customize and provision available EasyApache profiles if you have click on EasyApache 4. Now you need to click the customize button.

Installed Packages

Note: As a matter, of course, EasyApache 4 accompanies extra profiles that assist limit arrangement up time as there is a couple of alternatives custom fitted to the end clients' needs. If necessary regardless you can make your very own profiles for considerably further customization. For more data on EasyApache 4 profiles, you can see this documentation from cPanel.

3. You can see the "Apache MPM" option and you need to choose which "MPM" you might want to utilize. This will decide how Apache will deal with approaching solicitations and how it forms them. You can choose which MPM you might want to use by tapping the switch catch to one side of the module. On the off chance that you are uncertain on which MPM to utilize When chosen click Next.


4. The "Apache Modules" segment will enable you to choose and install the required Apache Modules. When the required modules are chosen, you need to click on Next. Apache Modules can add additional usefulness to Apache. For instance, you are able to choose mod_ssl module by using this interface.


5. If we talk about the PHP Versions option, so you are able to choose which PHP version you need to install. WHM will naturally check for augmentation as of now being utilized by different PHP version on your server. We prescribe choosing the PHP X.X and Extensions option when choosing the version. After you have chosen the version you need to install, click on Next.


6. As you are able to see the following menu, as the name is PHP Extensions, you are able to choose all PHP extensions as per your need. PHP extensions empower specific capacities utilized in your PHP code, in any case, if your PHP code deals with MySQL so you should use the extension as "mysqlnd".


A fair tip is to compel the assurance view to simply the PHP form you will introduce. You can do thusly at the most elevated purpose of this page by deselecting the compartments close by Filter by PHP Version. Click on Next if you have chosen your PHP extensions.
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