PHP handler is a type of apache module which contains library that apache uses to run PHP code. By default four PHP handlers available in cpanel/ WHM, such as FastCGI, SuPHP, DSO and CGI. These PHP handlers affect on apache’s performance and determine how apache works on PHP. In this article we will explain how the change PHP handler in WHM EasyApache 4.

Steps to change PHP handler in cPanel/ WHM:

Through cpanel EasyApache 4 you can easily change the PHP handler and you can also change PHP version. Let’s check out what steps we have to follow:

  • First login to WHM and click on software >> MultiPHP Manager.
  • Here you can get change both PHP versions and PHP handlers.
  • Now we have to change PHP handler, so select it and the list of PHP handlers will open.
  • Click on edit button of desired PHP version whose PHP handler you need to change.
  • Select the PHP handler which you have to change and click on “Apply” button.
  • If you are not able to find other PHP handlers in the list then you can also download then through WHM or command line.
How to install PHP handlers through WHM ?
  • Login to WHM.
  • Click on software >> EasyApache 4
To install EasyApache 4 from command line then you have to use below command.

yum install module_name
At the place of module_name you have to enter below details according to your need:

PHP Handler                         Module Name

CGI                       ea-apache24-mod_cgi or ea-apache24-mod_cgid

FastCGI                   ea-apache24-mod_proxy_fcgi

SuPHP                     ea-apache24-mod_suphp

DSO                         ea_php5x_php

You can also check the current PHP handler through command line by following this reference link :
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