How to add Domains to cPanel  account ?

How to add Domains to cPanel account ?

Host multiple websites or domains to a single control panel demanded by many clients regularly. cPanel gives you the ability to host multiple websites in a single control panel. Well, it all depends on your hosting provider and the hosting package you have selected there. With Hosting India you can host multiple websites in cPanel depends on your hosting package. If you have no idea about this then, you can check your hosting package and confirm whether it has add-on domains facility or not. You can check the add-on domains details of your package here.

You can find your available no. of add-on domains in your cPanel. You can check it through: login to cPanel and check the list given on left side stats pane. There you will find all stats details regarding PHP version, add-on Domains, MySQL version, Databases, and many more.

How to add domain:

To add and add-on domain to your cPanel account you have to login to cPanel >> Click "add-on Domains" under "Domains" section.
addon domain.png

Next step will be fill out the details of your add-on domain.
addon domain1.png

It will include:
add-on domain.png

Then, you have to click on "Add Domain". It will add your new Domain to cPanel account.

How to remove add-on domains ?

Removing add-on domains is quite a simple process.

First, login to cPanel >> Click on "Addon Domains" under "Domains" section

Then, you have to look for the domain you want to remove in the list in addon domains.

After that, you have to simply click "Remove" button in front of that domain. It will remove that domain from your cPanel account.
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