Here’s How You Can Set Post Creation Limit in WordPress

Here’s How You Can Set Post Creation Limit in WordPress

WordPress makes it easy to run a multi-author website. You can have as many authors as you want who can publish as many content as they can. But in some cases, you may want to limit the number of articles an user can publish within a certain time period.

That’s when you need to set a post creation limit on them. Doing so would cap them to a certain number.

In this article, we explain how you can set post creation limit for users in WordPress.

How to Set Limit on Post Creation for Users: Step-by-Step

As with most other things in WordPress, you need to use a plugin to be able to impose a limit. While there are many plugins available, one free plugin is the User Post Limit plugin.

To get started, go to the WordPress plugin directory and search for ‘User Post Limit’. Click on the relevant plugin and install it. After installation is complete, activate the plugin.

The follow these steps:
  • Go to your WordPress dashboard and open the plugin
  • Then navigate into Settings > Posts Limit
  • Here you need to define a limit for the users. Fill up all the fields like text (which is the message the users will get when they exceed the limit), notification (how they’ll be notified of this), etc.
  • You’d also have to select the user roles. It can be for authors, editors, or admins.
  • Next, select the content type for which you need to impose the limit. It can be for blog posts, media files, or revisions.
  • Lastly, enter the limit number and the cycle (daily, monthly, yearly)
  • Tap on ‘Save Changes’ and exit
The above process will limit the number of posts a certain user group can post. You need to repeat the process for other user groups and create a new rule for them.

So that’s how you can set post creation limit in WordPress. If you face issues following the steps or getting the result, consider updating the WordPress version or the plugins and trying again.
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