Have your Plesk subscription got suspended? Unable to activate it?

Have your Plesk subscription got suspended? Unable to activate it?

Whenever you get an error before that of course you would also get symptoms or warning. You might have ignored it unconsciously!

We have a responsibility to highlight those symptoms while you couldn’t activate the suspended subscription in Plesk.

1. You couldn’t activate subscription or customers suspended account in Plesk

2. Customer or owner subscription might be active still

3. Reseller or owner account is active

4. There is no possibility to follow database export

5. You can see the status of subscription is 2 but the status of the domain is 0

6. While doing activation for subscription, the MySQL server may get connected or not

Till now, you would have seen symptoms below is the solution for your problem:

Step 1:
You can use RDP or SSH to connect Plesk server

Step 2: Use the below commands for creating the dump database in Windows server and Linux:

Windows server:

C:\> plesk db dump psa > C:\psa_backup.sql

# plesk db dump psa > /root/psa_backup.sql
Step 3: Access the Plesk database using the command:

# plesk db
Here’s the command to activate the customer:

mysql> UPDATE clients SET status=0 WHERE pname='Customer name';
Subscription activation:

mysql> UPDATE domains SET status=0, webspace_status=0 WHERE name='example.com';
Now, login to the Plesk to make changes in status. Tap on “Change status” either suspend or activate.

Your error will be sorted out now!
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