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Google is Forcing You to Have SSL Certificates. Why?

Why Google is Forcing You to Have SSL Certificates on Your Websites:

People use Internet for everything and even for selling and buying products. So online security is more important. Google determines the ranking of the website with the content of the site, backlinks, etc. Google provide high level of security on internet to its users. The browser is changed from positive indicator to negative indicator. The secure sites will have green padlock.

At present Google shows a neutral information icon. But with the version 68 the browsers will warn the users with the notification in the address bar. Google marks HTTP sites that are encrypted with green lock icon and ‘Secure’ sign. Now Google uses HTTPS by default for secure browsing. If SSL certificate is not used, the webpage is not secure and then it will display “Not Secure” in the URL bar.


SSL Certificate?

SSL certificate is a text file that contains encrypted data which is installed in the server. SSL is a standard technology for security that establishes an encrypted link between the web server and web browser ensures that the data transferred between them are secure and private. If the browser has unsecured HTTP then other person can know about the data of one user. It’s not good because private data like credit number can be viewed by the third person. It is impossible to escape from the cybercrime if the website doesn’t have SSL certificate.

What information does an SSL Certificate have?
  • Name of the holder
  • Serial number and expiration date
  • Certificate holder’s public key (Copy)
  • Digital Signature of the certificate-issuing authority
How to get an SSL Certificate?

Now Google forced all member to have SSL certificate for the websites. SSL can be issued and installed through the web hosting services. Google provides the guarantee that the relevant data shared on the website are encrypted and secure.

Why Google wants you to have SSL Certificate?
  • To Encrypt Sensitive Information:

Information you send is passed from one computer to another computer to reach the server. All the computers have private information like credit card number, username, password and other sensitive information. If an SSL is used all the information is unreadable except the server.
  • Reduces cybercriminal rates:

Cybercriminals are very clever in stealing the information from the users. It is impossible to escape from cyber crimes if you didn’t use SSL certificate. They will identify the weakness of the computer. One should be protected by installing SSL certificate that offer security against transit-based hacks.
  • Adds value to your brand:
Without valid certificates, secure connections cannot be established between the web server and browser. So, the information will be at risk. Lack of SSL certificate will damage the brand name. After installing SSL certificate to your websites, palpable visuals and lock icon is seen on the website and it is assured that the information is travelling in the safe mode. If customers know that they are safe then they frequently visit the websites.
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