FTP error Unable to retrieve directory listing in Plesk

FTP error Unable to retrieve directory listing in Plesk

Unable to retrieve directory listing in Plesk

A Plesk is stated as user-friendly. It is a control Panel designed commercially for software automation server data centre and web host. This control panel is flexible only for users like Web hosting service providers based on Windows and Linux. The main motto of Plesk service is to secure the web. In case, if you get a problem with Plesk control panel it may affect your web security. You must find a solution to get rid of the problem immediately! Out of the work, one major problem exists while configuring FTP into the server.

Don’t worry if you get the error Plesk FTP failed to retrieve directory listing! This is not a big deal for you to analyze and fix the problem immediately. You would already know Plesk used to give some error often. This error is one such type of chaos which puts you in trouble while configuring the settings.

Let us have a quick look at why the error occurs and what is the solution in one glance:

Users would like to use FileZilla since it is user-friendly in nature. Everything goes around it! Through the strategy of FileZilla, you will be connecting FTP to send the file or folders. In the middle of this phase, the error will be displayed as

Failed to retrieve directory listing in Plesk

As a Plesk user, it is very normal to get this error because the problem is not within FTP it is actually with the directory listing. Yes! You have an access to get connected with FTP but not with the directory listing.

Again! Here comes the reason – The server failed to configure the passive mode of ProFTPd then you will be getting the message as FTP failed.

Let us show you how the error will be displayed:

Command: PASV

Response: 227 Entering Passive Mode (xx,xx,xx,xxx,xxx,xxx)

Command: MLSD

Error: Connection timed out after 20 seconds of inactivity

Error: Failed to retrieve directory listing

Now, you would get an idea right!

It’s time to fix the error:

  • Passive mode of ProFTPd Configuration:
Step 1: You need to create a file by using the path /etc/proftpd.d. The file name should be passive_ports.conf.

Step 2: Just add the below-mentioned statement to the file: PassivePorts 40000 40500

Step 3: The third step differs in a way to add the range of ports into the firewall as 40000 40500

  • Firewall Configuration:
Step 1: Go to the Plesk panel. Search for the option “Tools & Settings”. From the tools & settings, go to Firewall and then modify rules. Here’s the choice to choose to add the custom rule.

Step 2: It is easy to set a name for the custom rule as FTP passive ports. Yes! The name is the same for all users. So, don’t give any other name for analysis.

Step 3: Once if you set the name as FTP passive ports then remaining section should be set as default one.

Step 4: It asks you to enter the range of port as 40000 40500. Just tap on the add button so that remaining section will be set as default again.

Step 5: Your act should be considered right! So, tap on the Ok button for saving all the changes done till now.

By now, you can connect the FTP as well as directory listing without any error. But the main reasons for Plesk error goes around ProFTPd configure settings. If the server doesn’t configure ProFTPd then you will get an error immediately. So, follow up the solution process to fix the error. No more confusions and no more chaos!
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