While making attempt to login to web mail sometimes Error : 'Unknown or Disabled User!' occurs. There are various reasons that cause this error, all these causes as well as solutions are described in the following text.

Reasons and Solutions :

1. The most common reason is that the username or Password is incorrect.

Solution : Recheck the Username and Password, Reuse it Carefully. Always use full email address as a username like username@domainname.com. If you use only username to login then it shows the error.

2. The Account which the user wants to use is disabled in the “MailEnable” Administration Program.

Solution :
  • Login to windows server.
  • Click on “MailEnable Administrator”.
  • Under messaging manager tab, click on “Post Offices”.
  • Here click on the username and right click on user to Enable or Disable user.
3. The IME_ADMIN Account not has the correct set of permissions to access the following directory C:\Program Files\Mail Enable\CONFIG directory as well as its Subdirectories.

Solution : Find C:\Program Files\Mail Enable\CONFIG Directory, Right Click on the particular directory and give full control to this directory as well its subdirectories to the IME_ADMIN Account.

4. Invalid Credentials caused by an incorrect Migration to a Third Party Database. (Applicable Only to Enterprise Edition)

Solution : Revert it back to the tab delimited files and then correctly perform the migration again to the database.
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