Error Fixed Outlook Folders disappearing – A Complete Guide

Error Fixed Outlook Folders disappearing – A Complete Guide

Microsoft Outlook is used to send and receive emails on a Microsoft Exchange Server. It also provides email contact, calendar, and task management capabilities.

Spotting or identifying the Outlook missing folders might be a sign of something significant happening. No matter which reason you are looking for, this can be a fairly common problem with simple solutions. You can learn how to find and recover folders, as well as other information about Outlook.

This article applies to Outlook 2019, Outlook 2016, and earlier versions of Outlook.

Outlook folders can disappear for several reasons:

There is more than one cause for missing Outlook folders. The following are possible causes:

Problem 1: Some of your Outlook folders are set to "hidden" by default.

Problem 2: The folder was accidentally deleted.

Problem 3: Outlook isn't working properly on the server.

Problem 4: The personal folder file has been corrupted.

How to Recover Lost Outlook Folders:

The best way to fix a problem is to first identify its source and address that.

Check to make sure that all folders are showing: You may have minimized the Folders pane, or a folder you can't find could be nested within another one (expanding this smaller folder shows its contents).

Undelete files can be deleted accidentally: In case you unconsciously deleted the folder entirely there is a chance of getting back to its original place from where it got deleted. If your Outlook personal folder Checks the trash in both Outlook and your system trashcan — as it may be in either place!

Retrieve and restore a deleted folder from the server: If you've already deleted a folder and emptied your Deleted Items folder, try retrieving the file from the server. Permanently deleted folders cannot be recovered, but you might be able to recover some messages from the Recoverable Items folder on the server.

If your Outlook program isn't syncing correctly, folders you created on the server may not appear in that application. If you're having trouble syncing your account, use the built-in repair tool to fix it.
  • If you notice the corruption in folder Outlook file (.pst), check whether the folders are available or missing. The Inbox Repair Tool can fix this issue.
  • If you created a backup of your personal folder file and the missing folders were included, open that .pst file to see if you can recover those files.
  • If you're having trouble connecting to Wi-Fi or other networks, your account may not be able to sync with the server. If you are not syncing, some of your Outlook folders may not be showing, or if they are showing, they may be empty.
  • If you couldn’t still find your missing folders, and you're also not receiving new email messages in Outlook, then chances are something is wrong with your email profile.
Microsoft Outlook is a powerful and popular email program that supports advanced features such as task management. However, when you lose your folder, it creates feelings of frustration or irritation. Look at this article for the steps to solve that problem.
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