Duplicating a Page or Post in WordPress in One Click: A Complete Guide

Duplicating a Page or Post in WordPress in One Click: A Complete Guide

There are times when you’d want to reuse an existing page or post for a new project. Then it makes sense to clone it. While you could manually copy and paste the individual components, it sucks up a lot of time. Furthermore, it’s not a guarantee that you’d be able to replicate the page precisely. In this cases, consider duplicating the page or post by using a plugin.

In this article, we explain how you can duplicate a page or post in WordPress in a single click.

Use the Duplicate Post Plugin

The easiest way to clone a WordPress page or post in a single click is by using the Duplicate Post plugin. It’s a free plugin created by Copy Delete Post. It increases your productivity by allowing you to replicating post with ease. You can recreate the entire page or selected components.

To get started, you need to install the plugin from the WordPress plugin directory and activate it. Please note that there’s similar plugin from Yoast. For this post, we recommend sticking to the Duplicate Post from Copy Delete Post.

Once installed and activate, follow these steps:
  • Go to Posts > All Posts
  • Scroll down to the post/page that you want to clone
  • From the options underneath, click on Clone
  • You can also click on New Draft in case you want to make any adjustment to the cloned page. It will open the page in the post editor for you to make the changes. Click on Save to save the cloned post
That’s how you can easily clone a page or post in WordPress the easiest way, in only a click.
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