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Don’t Need the Remember Me Option in WordPress Login Page? Here’s How to Remove it

Remember Me is a handy feature in WordPress that allows users to save their login credentials on the login screen. With this, you can easily log in to your WordPress account without entering the username or the password and they’ll be applied directly from the saved ones.

But in some cases, you might not want that. For example, if it’s a computer that multiple people use, then the login credentials may get into the wrong hands. Thus, there’s a chance of data breaching and corruption. To avoid this issue, it’s better to remove the ‘Remember Me’ option from the WP login screen.

There process to removing the option is different for custom and default WP pages. In this article, learn about those methods in greater detail.

Remove Remember Me option from Default WP Login Page

All WordPress users get a default login page for logging into their WordPress account. Unless you’ve created a membership site or customized the login page, chances are you’re still using the default WP login page.

In that case, you need to use the Remember Me Controls plugin. It’s a plugin that’s designed to help you take control of the Remember Me option in WordPress. So install the plugin and activate it.

Once activated, go to Settings > Remember Me and configure the plugin. Then, locate the Disable the ‘Remember Me’ feature? Option and tick on the box next to it. It’d remove the Remember Me button in the login page.

To confirm, logout of your WP account and visit the login page.

Remove Remember Me from Custom WP Login Pages

If you’ve customized your WordPress login pages, the above method will not work. You’d have to use a drag and drop page builder like SeedProd. It allows you to customize nearly every page including the login page.

So first install the SeedProd plugin from the plugin directory and activate it. Then open it to create a new custom login page or edit an existing one.

When you’re editing the login page, click on the ‘Additional Options’ on the left hand side menu. Delete the text in the ‘Remember User Label’ box.

Then, click on the ‘Save’ button to apply the changes made. Finally click on the ‘Publish’ drop down option.

Now when you visit the custom login page, you won’t see the ‘Remember Me’ option.

So that’s how you remove the ‘Remember Me’ box from the WordPress login pages.
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